756. Telegram 570 from Geneva1

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570. From Johnson.

Three hour fifteen minute meeting this morning. Following brief opening statement by Wang restating their position on fact and causes deadlock in talks and necessity FMC, entire remainder meeting devoted implementation. During course meeting I made points para one Deptel 587 and informed him arrival James Lew stressing he deported even though had served only small part his sentence and was not rpt not eligible for parole or release under normal regulations. Also informed him of ARC interviews of prisoners but did not mention those opting for Taiwan and this question did not arise. When he responded with usual charge prisoners could not make free choice and US should “on its own initiative” follow PRC procedure and release prisoners after which they could choose where they desire go I countered by pointing out PRC had followed deportation procedure in releases Americans at time of and immediately following agreed announcement. Throughout long give and take I continuously came back to all aspects McCarthy case as prime illustration their failure carry out agreed announcement. Wang retreated entirely behind repetition previous charges re Chinese in US in obvious attempt close off discussion and meeting with last word. This I refused accept and during last hour and half repeatedly refuted each his charges and turned discussion repeatedly back to Americans particularly McCarthy until he finally desisted from repeating his charges.

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Next meeting Thursday, December 13. Departing Prague tomorrow morning.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.93/11–3056. Confidential; Priority; Limit Distribution.