750. Letter 49 from Johnson to McConaughy1

Letter No. 49
Dear Walter:
[Facsimile Page 1]

I do not have much more to say this time, I still feel that I was right about their intentions as of the end of the last meeting but they have postponed action for reasons about which we can only speculate. Certainly the dramatic events elsewhere have had their influence but it is hard to say what the influence may have been on them. Perhaps their reaction was much the same as ours with respect to our public statement on implementation, i.e. they felt so much was going on elsewhere that a public statement from them threatening a break or a break would not attract much attention or constitute much pressure on us. I do not even exclude the Secretary’s illness as a possible additional factor.

I will plan to come down by air on November 28 for our next meeting, returning immediately on December 1, without any further notification to the Department unless there is some major change for the worse in the general situation or that in Czechoslovakia, in which case I will of course check by telegraph. Please tell EUR so that they understand. I sent a message this last time so there would be no misunderstanding and I am mentioning it now in view of what I thought was a somewhat odd reply. You can assure EUR that I do not come to Geneva for a “visit” but to do some work.


U. Alexis Johnson
American Ambassador

P.S. Tell Walter I hope he has a good trip. Am so glad Mrs. Robertson can go with him. UAJ

  1. Source: Department of State, Geneva Talks Files, Lot 72D415. Secret; Official–Informal. Johnson signed the original “Alex.” The postscript is handwritten.