529. Telegram 1621 from Geneva1

[Facsimile Page 1]

1621. From Osborn.

Chinese Communist Consulate General 3:30 p.m. today issued copies 700-word “Statement Ministry Foreign Affairs PRC” dated March 11. Sent usual two copies addressed Ambassador Johnson.

First two-thirds statement devoted implementation. Charges U.S. with failure take any measures in regard Chinese imprisoned U.S. Says U.S. has “forbidden” Indian Embassy issue announcements. Cites other familiar “facts” which “serve to expose beyond dispute distortion made by Department of State” in its March 6 statement.

On renunciation, statement contains one-paragraph summary their current version of U.S. position: “Has refused express definite attitude on (Foreign Ministers meeting) and even demanded so-called right individual and collective self defense on China’s territory Taiwan. One cannot but consider aim is require China accept U.S. occupation Taiwan, interference liberation coastal islands.” Does not repeat not contain line of March 4 statement, that U.S. must choose either October 27 or December 1 draft.

Concluding paragraph: “U.S. not only violated agreement already reached and obstructed further progress of talks, but is stepping up military activities Taiwan area. Chinese Ministry Foreign Affairs deems necessary point out United States [Facsimile Page 2] must bear full responsibility for all consequences resulting from this state affairs.”

Of course not commenting here. However, local Reuters man, noting this first public charge US holding Chinese in prison, inquired [Typeset Page 857] of Garnish whether anything to charge. Garnish unattributedly discounted charge as unfounded Chinese Communist effort cover up own failure implement, suggested [garble] read too much significance into it.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.93/3–1156. Official Use Only; Niact; Limit Distribution.