No. 401
Memorandum by Robert Cutler, Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, to the Chairman of the Operations Coordinating Board (Smith)

top secret

In approving the action taken yesterday by the Council relative to U.S. psychological strategy based on Thailand, the President asked me if there was any one who was in charge of the various operations that were being carried on between the United States and Thailand.

When I replied that this plan would be under the coordination of the Operations Coordinating Board, he said that his question was addressed not to planning and coordination in Washington, but to coordination and control in the field.

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Looking at the financial appendix, he saw that money was being spent by the State Department, by the Defense Department, by FOA, by USIA, and by CIA. He wanted to be sure that in the field we are not duplicating and tripping over ourselves.

I told him that General Donovan had now been appointed Ambassador,1 and I supposed that he would have a very key position in coordinating all of this work under the psychological strategy plan in the field.

I think the President would like to be reassured about this some time at the convenience of OCB.

  1. Donovan was appointed Ambassador to Thailand on Aug. 3 and presented his credentials in Bangkok on Sept. 4.