796.00/12–1552: Telegram

No. 324
The Ambassador in the Philippines (Spruance) to the Department of State

top secret

1716. Eyes only for Allison from Spruance. Your 1720.1 Have constantly emphasized that US is committed to free elections in Philippines, but does not and will not support any political party or candidate. Choice of political leadership must be made by free votes of qualified electors expressed at polls. If present govt intends to perpetuate itself by methods similar to those used in 1949, which is indicated by many things that have been happening, I am strongly of opinion we must at suitable time inform Quirino privately that US will discontinue military and eocnomic aid if he fails to ensure free election in 1953 and is re-elected by force and corrupt practices. Another corrupt election will greatly strengthen Communists. I consider this of such vital importance to future welfare of Philippines that I plan to ask orders to return Washington to place situation here before Secretary of State and President. Such request wld be after new administration has shaken down and you consider time propitious.

Several days ago I recommended to Lansdale that he return to US to report conditions and to obtain rest and relaxation. He plans depart about December 20 for three or four weeks’ stay. Lacy and I both consider his return here essential in view of his personal contacts and the current situation. Suggest you withhold action until his arrival.