790B.00/10–1052: Telegram

No. 24
The Ambassador in Burma (Sebald) to the Department of State


583. Hope Department will carefully consider mydesp 206, Sept 3 and Taipei’s desp 162, September 301 on problem KMT troops Burma, and adopt vigorous policy designed liquidate problem without delay. Taipei despatch underscores political dynamite in situation. Burma press continues cloud every expression US friendship Burma with reference KMT problem and question why US does not help solve it. In conversation with Brigadier Blake, Commander North Burma Army, during my recent visit Mandalay, former expressed serious concern continued presence KMT in view necessity devote much needed Burma Army reserve cover KMT thus weakening force available fight Commie insurgents. He also fears public pressure may force Burma Army undertake full-scale operations against KMT to detriment liquidation insurgency.

  1. Not printed. (690B.9321/9–3051)