756D.5 MSP/5–652: Telegram

No. 200
The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Indonesia


1188. Amb Ali called today on Asst Secy Allison on instrs Indo Govt to state Indo Govt has reached fol position on MSA issue:1

Govt considers itself bound by Jan 5 commitment under sec 511a unless and until this commitment is rejected by Indo Parliament.
Indo Govt “cannot accept 511a”. Elaborating this statement Amb Ali clearly implied Indo Cabinet neither cld nor wld support Parliamentary ratification 511a, and Parliament wld almost certainly reject it.
Indo Govt “can accept 511b”.
Indo Govt desires shift undelivered balance Constabulary aid from grant to reimbursable basis.

Allison asked if Amb Ali’s statements shld be interpreted as an Indo request for action by US Govt, Amb Ali replied that his Govt’s intention was not to request action, but instead to solicit advance informal expression of Dept’s opinion as to how Amer Govt wld receive an Indo request to replace its commitment under 511a with a commitment under 511b.

Allison replied that Indo Govt cld be assured US Govt wld not reject such a request out of hand but he made it clear that the US Govt’s decision wld depend upon many factors including manner in which Indo Govt might present its request, and the opinions of Sec State, Amb Cochran, as well as those of MSA, Defense Dept and other interested parts Amer Govt. Amb Ali said he wld inform his Govt accordingly.

Allison asked if Amb Ali’s statement of Indo Govt’s position shld be taken as assurance that exec branch of Indo Govt wld in fact request and support Parliamentary ratification of 1) a new agreement (if reached) replacing 511a with 511b assurances; 2) econ and technical assistance bilateral signed Oct 1950. Amb Ali replied he cld not make such a guarantee but that it was his clear understanding that his Govt wld be prepared to take this position before the Indo Parliament. He said he wld request his Govt’s views on this matter.

Allison in turn agreed discuss Indo Govt’s position, as orally presented by Amb Ali, with other Amer Govt officials.

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It was mutually decided these actions wld be taken informally in order that both Govts might arrive at substantial agreement before any formal communication re MSA is presented to US by Indo Govt. Apart from this decision, no commitment made on either side.

Comment: It accordingly appears new Indo cabinet desires negotiate new MSA agreement with US replacing 511a with 511b before submitting MSA for Parliamentary ratification.

  1. In a memorandum sent to Allison on May 6 in anticipation of Ambassador Ali’s visit, Lacy observed that the Indonesian Government was apparently attempting to bypass Ambassador Cochran. (756D.5 MSP/5–652)