690D.91/2–1152: Telegram

The Ambassador in Pakistan (Warren) to the Department of State


844. Sat nite I sought interview with Prime Minister to learn his present thinking about Kashmir. He said he now attaches no significance to Malik’s statement before the SC altho he does consider significant Vishinsky’s remarks to Zafrulla in Paris that the Russians back a Kashmir Consembly freely elected rather than the present body. This he believes fols a pattern identified with Sheik Abdullah’s known Leftist tendencies and desire for an “independent” Kashmir. Prime Minister says he does not understand why Nehru’s govt fails to appreciate the risk of time working against them and in favor of Sovs on Kashmir issue. Once the question is resolved he said that India can concentrate attn on Commie menace in south part of the republic and Commie infiltration thru Assam and Nepal. They cld rest assured that once Pak has responsibility for the def of Kashmir there will be little further risk of successful infiltration from across the mountain passes leading from Sinkiang and the Pamir area of E Afghan. He said it is to the common interest of India and Pak to help Graham in his forthcoming efforts and also to work out with Eugene Black Pres World Bank a solution of the Indus Basin watershed problem.

When I inquired if he subscribed to the impression I have that the Kashmir issue is quiescent in Pak press and in public discussion at this time. Prime Minister agreed and said his explanation is the English speaking as well as the Urdu press of Pak have hopes that GOI, now that the elections are over, will move constructively towards a solution of Kashmir problem. He said his people have considerable faith that Graham may move further ahead in reaching agreement on demilitarization in next seven weeks and that he himself is very hopeful that Black who is spending this week in India will engage the careful thought and consideration of members of GOI on the Lilienthal plan. But he said his conclusion is that if nothing happens on these probs by the end of Mar then the reaction in Pak will be sharp and he is not sure that he will be able to control disappointments and frustration shld these present attempts at conciliation fail.