690D.91/1–2152: Telegram

The Ambassador in Pakistan (Warren) to the Department of State1


745. Last nite the PM in long conversation partly on Kashmir said he was not disturbed by Malik’s statement in SC altho many of his colleagues were. Apart from attack on US and UK he said he interpreted Russian proposal for decision on future of Kashmir by freely elected Consembly as having no relation to “the farcical Consembly” set up in 1951. In his view, the Russ posit approximates closely Pak desire the only difference being a Consembly vote after a free election instead of a plebiscite vote on the future of the state. He said “the Russians have served notice we must take them into consideration and I intend to do it”; he wld review his govts hitherto negative attitude toward Russia.

About three weeks ago, he remarked, intimations came from Pak Emb in Moscow that Russians hoped Pak wld send delegation from Federated Chambers of Commerce to forthcoming econ conf and they also expressed wish for medical del to Sov Union (re return visit of Sov del to Pak medical conf last March). His analysis of Malik proposal [Page 1177] is taken from press reports because he has not been in touch with Sov Emb here.

I felt obliged to remind him that any flirting between Pak and Sov wld undoubtedly have adverse effect on Amer public opinion with embarrassment to operation of cash reimbursable mil aid agreement now in effect between our two countries. He made no comment on my remarks.

I gather he feels confused and dismayed by present outlook of SC debate on Kashmir and doubts that he will be able to control indefinitely his press or his public opinion shld it be made apparent that SC is not prepared to take definitive action on Kashmir problem.

He reiterated several times that India continues to derive large benefits from her attitude towards US whereas Pak, which has tried not only to exercise a moderating influence in Iran and Egypt but also took a position of leadership on the Jap treaty signing, continues “to be pushed around”.

He feels that if his people get out of hand on this issue his govt will fare no better than Govts of Egypt and Iran which he characterized as now being at mercy of ignorant and unruly mobs.

He concluded by saying that he had not heard from Zafrulla or Mohammed Ali in last few days but wld let me know what position he wld take on Kashmir when a Cab decision is requested by them.

Karachi press and public appear unanimously to assure ref in Malik’s speech was to existing Kashmir Consembly (see Embtel 744, Jan 21)2 and hence to regard speech as having placed Sov Union squarely on Ind side in Kashmir dispute.

  1. This telegram was repeated to London and Paris.
  2. Telegram 744 from Karachi, Jan. 21, summarized local press reports and other reaction to Malik’s statement on Kashmir in the Security Council on Jan. 21. (690D.91/1–2152)