690D.91/1–1152: Telegram

The Chargé in India (Steere) to the Department of State1


2447. 1. Bajpai called on Amb last night at his own initiative and producing copy Dixon report pointed out sections with which GOI agreed. Agreed sections covered Dixon’s recommendations for partition Kashmir. But Bajpai indicated GOI still objected Dixon’s recommendations for supersession Kashmir Govt by UN admin during plebiscite period. Bajpai’s last minute call seems suggest continuing and perhaps deepening GOI interest in seeking solution by partition, but indicates little if any advance over GOI 1950 position re admin control during pleb period. Amb felt Bajpai sincere in approaches and they shld be earnestly considered, although Bajpai’s statements and views re GOI position shld be treated with reserve.

2. Re Nepal comprising fol specific types asst: (1) GOI proposes send milit mission to Nepal to which Nepal PriMin gave tentative assent (2) GOI to provide civilian police team aid Nepal in securing twelve passes situated on Tibet-Nepal border (3) GOI to assist Nepal in constructing militarily usable road from Razual to Kathmandu, as well as lateral east-west roads within Nepal. (4) GOI to assist in construction Nepal airfields.

3. In course conversation Bajpai alluded to GOI interest obtaining certain military items, including tank parts from US. Amb stated to Bajpai US cld not be expected supply GOI with milit equipment and supplies until Kashmir settlement effected. Amb utilized this point strongly as argument for speedy settlement Kashmir problem. Bajpai indicated he fully understood US position re this point.

4. Amb expected amplify details his talk with Bajpai on arrival Wash.

  1. This telegram was repeated for information to London, Paris, and Karachi.