Editorial Note

Telegrams 856 and 857 from Karachi, April 21, informed the Department of State that the Pakistani Cabinet had decided the country did not need the remaining wheat deliveries that had been authorized. In addition, the Government of Pakistan offered to provide the United States with the labor necessary to complete construction of a new chancery building for the United States Embassy in Karachi, to express gratitude for the emergency wheat aid. (890D.2311/4–2154) Telegram 937 to Karachi, May 3, transmitted the text of a statement by Acting Secretary Murphy accepting the offer of the Government of Pakistan. (890D.2311/5–354) A press release in the Department of State Bulletin, September 13, 1954, page 378, announced that the Government of the United States was at that time in a position to proceed with final plans for construction of the chancery.