611.90D/12–153: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Pakistan 1


425. Department concurs your making suggestions to Vice President urtel 3962 subject to following:

Assume caution will be taken against patronizing tone with Pakistan officials.
Believe desirable if in addition Embassy’s points Vice President could give positive encouragement to Governor General and especially Prime Minister. Vice President might voice our sympathetic understanding magnitude Pakistan’s problems and complex political climate in which Prime Minister must tackle them. We are encouraged to believe that broad mass Pakistan people behind Prime Minister and are looking to bold leadership from him. We appreciate that he is beset with such chronic and frustrating obstacles as provincialism and religious extremism and perhaps even with colleagues who are not sympathetic to his aims. But these are obstacles that can most effectively be attacked with imagination, determination and confidence. When the Prime Minister feels in all sincerity he is heading toward right goals he should carry his fight to the people and obstructionists within and without his governing circle must follow him or stand up and be counted as constituting opposition. Throughout talks there should be clear sincere note that we are confident Governor General, Prime Minister and Pakistan leaders in sympathy with them will be successful in their efforts.
Reference to U.S.–Pak military assistance does not seem fall in pattern such remarks. Vice President may wish therefore to confine self to hearing Pakistan statement of position and explain in reply to questions he has been away from U.S. for some time and therefore is not prepared to answer specific questions on subject.

  1. This telegram was drafted by Smith and Metcalf (SOA) and cleared by Jernegan (NEA).
  2. Supra .