Editorial Note

Telegram 1694 to Karachi, May 30, 1953, informed the Embassy that the Executive Branch had approved wheat aid to Pakistan and was proposing that a joint resolution of Congress make available to the President up to one million long tons of wheat from the Commodity Credit Corporation wheat stocks. (890D.2311/5–2753) On June 10 the President sent a message to Congress, asking it to provide sufficient aid to Pakistan. (Department of State Bulletin, June 22, 1953, pages 889–890) The text of S. 2112, the Senate bill embodying the President’s proposal that was passed on June 16, is in the Congressional Record, June 16, 1953, page 6831. The President signed the Wheat Aid Act on June 25 (67 Stat. 80), and the first shipment of wheat left from the port of Baltimore on June 26. The text of the Emergency Wheat Aid Agreement of June 25, 1953 is in 4 UST (pt. 2) 1642. An exchange of letters between the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan concerning the wheat aid is in the Department of State Bulletin, July 6, 1953, page 16.