641.74/7–2352: Telegram

No. 996
The Charge in the United Kingdom (Holmes) to the Department of State1


407. In Eden’s continued absence, I saw Strang this morning and, in accordance Deptel 460 July 22,2 outlined Dept’s suggestions contained Deptel 437, July 19 re msg from Eden or Churchill to Hilali and Mahdi. I emphasized that if Brit were willing take this action, we for our part wld be willing urge Hilali accept it in spirit in which it was sent and do our utmost move him away from extreme position. In putting suggestion to Strang I particularly recalled Eden’s statement to Secy that what Brit want is Sudanese decision on title which wld be as close as possible to what Egypt desires.

Strang confirmed Eden’s statement represents UK desire. He said FonOff wld give careful consideration our suggestion re msg [Page 1844] and wld consult Eden. He thought wording would have be looked at carefully as wld question of timing in light reports received from Creswell re army coup in Cairo. I am reporting separately info which Strang gave me re Creswell’s reports on sit in Egypt over last couple days.

  1. Repeated to Cairo as telegram 22.
  2. In telegram 460, July 22, not printed, the Department of State instructed the Embassy in London to act on Department telegram 437 (Document 993) in view of the fact that Hilali had just been reappointed Prime Minister. The Department believed that a personal message from either Eden or Churchill to Hilali would be most useful and might give him needed support. (745W.00/7–2252)