874.00 TA/2–2352: Telegram

No. 962
The Ambassador in Egypt (Caffery) to the Department of State


1412. Totec ReDeptel 1234 February 13 and Embtel 1353 Feb 16.1 Fol note recd from FonMin dated Feb 21 number 3.

“Pursuant to our discussions concerning an expanded program of tech assistance under the Point IV, my govt is interested in expanding the programs of tech assistance already initiated in accordance with the gen agreement for tech coop, signed May 5, 1951.

At the same time, I am pleased to confirm that it is the continuing policy of the Egypt Govt to support the principles of the United Nations charter, and my govt is prepared to coop with the Govt of the US and other peace-loving countries in taking such measures to promote internatl understanding and good will and maintain world peace and remove causes for internatl tension as wld seem consonant with the principles of the charter.

Signed Aly Maher.”

I shall acknowledge note quoting context.

  1. Ambassador Caffery reported the following in telegram 1353 from Cairo, Feb. 16:

    “Legal advisor Fon Min agrees insert clause on understanding good will and peace suggested by Dept. Fon Min ltr expected at early date.” (874.00 TA/2–1652)