No. 1572
Editorial Note

Despatch 206 from Aden, May 3, 1952, reported that the Sultan of Laheji, after having been accused of the murder of two cousins, had fled to Yemen. After the Sultan’s departure, the Governor of Aden sent a British political officer and a detachment of troops from Aden to take charge of Laheji affairs and insure the maintenance of law and order. On April 22 the Governor met with the Laheji Electoral College, made up of representatives of five families of the Laheji nobility, and established a Provisional Regency Council to assume temporary responsibility for the administration of the Sultanate. One of the five members of the Regency Council was Arthur Watts, British Political Officer who had come from Aden, the other four were members of the Laheji nobility. (786H.00/5–352)