641.86A/3–1152: Telegram

No. 1470
The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Saudi Arabia 1


351. You may inform Feisal US is moved by earnestness of his and HM’s attitude this problem (Embtels 474 and 477, Mar 10 and 112) and intends making serious approach to UK (Deptel 4691 to London Mar 24, rptd Jidda 3503). Approach made out of sincere concern for relations between our two good friends despite delicacy always attendant when outsider becomes involved family quarrel. Must similarly enjoin SAG, however, to meet any Brit approach halfway. Compromise cannot be one-sided. Inflexible view . . . re . . . rights to land and people not conducive success . . . . This alone cld block progress.4

You might also assure Feisal we know of no Brit plan unite Iraq, Kuwait (Embtel 474), and feel sure there is none. If this suggested to SAG by recent visit Sheikh Kuwait to Iraq you might add we know this visit caught Brit by surprise and was initiated by IG. Wld also appear illegal for Brit support absorption Kuwait by Iraq and lose preferential position UK enjoys in Kuwait. Dept notes SA tendency be over-suspicious Brit which is destructive mutual confidence so necessary for conducting negots under best auspices.

  1. Repeated as telegram 4692 to London and 593 to Baghdad. Drafted by Awalt and cleared by EUR, BNA, and NEA.
  2. Documents 1467 and 1468.
  3. Supra .
  4. Telegram 551 from Jidda, Apr. 8, reported the message in this telegram had been delivered to Faisal the previous evening. (641.86A/4–852)