711.56386A/12–2053: Telegram

No. 1460
The Consul at Dhahran (Hackler) to the Department of State1


97. From Jones. Department’s 98, December 18.2 King informed me at Riyadh yesterday he had received Crown Prince Feisal’s message transmitting Embassy’s request all mail and imports now impounded be released pending arrival Ambassador Wadsworth (Embassy telegram 275, December 16).3

King wished tell me he had given personal attention to Embassy’s request and had decided grant it. He had sent intructions Feisal mail should be released and handled “in same way as [Page 2450] before”. While formal notification his decision would be transmitted US by Foreign Office, he wished inform me personally at this time. I expressed appreciation his action and said felt certain he and Ambassador Wadsworth would be able reach mutually satisfactory solution this problem.

King then said he wished cooperate fully US and not place any hindrances in its way. At same time he was determined maintain Saudi sovereignty and while he fully realized US not imperialistic state, hoped US would always keep this attitude in mind its dealings SAG officials. I commented was certain US wished take no action which would infringe upon Saudi sovereignty.

King closed conversation with statement that if Embassy encountered difficulties in its negotiations various questions with Saudi officials it should not hesitate come to him direct.

  1. Repeated to Jidda.
  2. Not printed; it informed the Embassy that the Saudi Arabian Ambassador told the Department of State he had received a message from the King stating he had ordered the release of all impounded mail and restoration of the status quo ante pending the arrival of Ambassador Wadsworth. (711.56386A/11–1953)
  3. Supra.