No. 1454
Editorial Note

Despatch 250 from Jidda, February 28, transmitted to the Department of State a summary of two discussions held at Riyadh on February 19 and 20, regarding the draft of the proposed Military Assistance Advisory Group Agreement. The only controversy had been over the subject of jurisdiction over military dependents and civilians, which was not settled at that time. Despatch 251 from Jidda, February 28, transmitted the revised draft of the Agreement which emerged from the discussions reported in despatch 250. (786A.5 MSP/2–2853)

The final agreement was signed on June 27, 1953. For the text, see TIAS 2812; 4 UST (pt. 2) 1482.

Despatch 21 from Jidda, July 8, transmitted the agreement to the Department of State. It consisted of three documents: A note by Ambassador Hare to Prince Mishaal, Saudi Arabian Minister of Defense and Aviation, setting forth the conditions to govern the status, duties, administration, and conduct of the United States Military Assistance Advisory Group to Saudi Arabia in implementation of the Military Assistance Agreement of June 1951, dated June 27, 1953; the translation of a note by Mishaal, dated June 27, 1953, agreeing to the contents of Hare’s letter; and the translation of a note by Yusuf Yassin, Deputy Foreign Minister, dated June 28, 1953, regarding treatment of Americans in Saudi Arabia. The note by Yassin stated that American civilians in Saudi Arabia, although they would be subject to Saudi law and jurisdiction, would receive justice and equality under the law. Documentation on this topic is in Department of State file 786A.5 MSP.