711.56386A/8–452: Telegram

No. 1440
The Ambassador in Saudi Arabia (Hare) to the Department of State1


83. During courtesy call on Prince Faisal on his return Jidda, I gave report MAAG negots and said unable understand adamant SAG position on jurisdiction which clearly less favorable than DAF agreement, which Saudi negotiators otherwise so insistent following. Faisal professed understand but said certain people in Riyadh, including Prince Mishaal himself, seemed feel that, having obtained DAF agreement, we were not very interested in training program. I replied nothing cld be further from truth and this borne out by facts. As far as agreement concerned we had submitted draft in March but due delay caused by SAG had only gotten down to negots in July. During negots we had done best meet Saudi viewpoints but Saudi negotiators had shown little disposition meet us part way. Furthermore, Gen Day was vigorously trying get training program under way but getting very inadequate cooperation. Expressed intentions of Saudi officials were good but what was needed was organization, decisions and action, which hitherto not forthcoming.

Faisal . . . . suggested I pursue matter with Crown Prince with same frankness I had with him. Added significantly that there was no longer any point in taking up such matters with King. I said both Gen Day and I had discussed matter with CP from time to time but I wld take it up again with him as suggested.

Re foregoing it is my opinion, based on certain intimations at Riyadh, that, . . . , there was hope on part of Saudis that MAAG negots wld afford occasion for offer grant aid and failure such materialize tended cloud negotiating atmosphere.

  1. Repeated to Dhahran for General Day.