No. 1433
Editorial Note

In early February 1952, the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington requested the White House to send a medical mission to Saudi Arabia because of the illness of King Ibn Saud. Major General Wallace H. Graham, personal physician to President Truman, was in charge of the mission, which left Washington on February 15 and returned the end of February. Regarding previous medical missions to Saudi Arabia by General Graham, see telegram 203, April 8, 1950, and the memorandum by Frederick H. Awalt, April 30, 1950, Foreign Relations, 1950, volume v, pages 1157 and 1169; and the memorandum by Awalt, August 14, 1951, ibid., 1951, volume v, page 1066. Documentation on the 1952 trip is in Department of State file 786A.11.