787.5 MSP/11–2853: Telegram

No. 1399
The Ambassador in Iraq (Berry) to the Department of State


315. After discussion with Embassy Military Attaches, following are comments on Department telegram 302, November 25:1

No comment.
No comment.
Embassy concurs, but notes with respect to offshore procurement that United Kingdom has on occasion, been considerably criticized for having delivered unserviceable items, or for having unduly delayed deliveries. Believe appropriate safeguards should be [Page 2363] established, so that blame will not be shifted to United States. Also believe that to realize maximum political benefit for United States, offshore procurement should be confined minimum consistent with logistical necessity.
Believe for logistical reasons, United States equipment should, in so far as possible, be interchangeable with British types. Where not interchangeable in efficient ammunition, spare parts and replacements should be furnished to provide full logistical support.
Agree United States training mission might unduly complicate British problems. Believe, however, establishment MAAG group to ensure United States equipment combat serviceable and to instruct Iraqis in use and maintenance of equipment essential. Fully agree Iraqi candidates should train in United States military schools and further believe provision should be made for periodic United States visits by high ranking officers of Iraq General Staff. Prime Minister has expressed considerable interest on latter, and has mentioned to me possibility early views by Iraq CGS.

Embassy assumes that before any public announcement of allocation military assistance is made, it will first have opportunity furnish Iraqi Government with full details and to present agreement.