774.5/3–953: Telegram

No. 1115
The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Egypt1

top secret

1781. Following is text telegram sent by Eden to Foreign Office after discussion with Secretary referred to Deptel 1776 Mar 7.2

Verbatim text. I have had further discussion with Mr. Dulles on this point. We have agreed that the best procedure would be for Sir Ralph Stevenson to call on the Egyptian Prime Minister or Minister for Foreign Affairs, accompanied by his U.S. colleague, and explain to him the reasons why it is proposed that the U.S. Government should be associated in the negotiations. Mr. Caffery would confirm the willingess of the U.S. Government that he should so participate.

Sir Ralph Stevenson would base his argument broadly on the fact that these negotiations will, we hope, lead up to a settlement of Middle East defense problems and the building up of Egyptian economy, in which the U.S. Government are bound to take a prominent part.

No action should be taken on this telegram into Cairo pending further instructions. End verbatim text.

  1. Repeated to London as telegram 5972. It was drafted by William C. Burdett, Officer in Charge, Egypt and Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Affairs, and was approved by Hart.
  2. Printed as telegram 5957, Document 1113.