774.5/2–2853: Telegram

No. 1109
The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Holmes) to the Department of State

top secret

4848. Eyes only Secretary. I do not regard following encrypted telegram from Aldrich from RMS Queen Elizabeth regarding US–UK ad referendum agreement on Egypt to be inconsistent with paragraph 1 Embassy’s telegram 4840, February 27:

Eden stated that while Blue Agreement has never been formally approved by Cabinet action HMG in fact desires have it put into effect and desires our full support as indicated to accomplish this.”

I believe position to be as follows: (1) There is no Cabinet opposition to agreement per se; but (2) Churchill strongly desires military association with negotiations and, in this situation, Cabinet has not given formal approval to agreement pending resolution this question.

I feel confident that regardless our decision re military participation, Eden would want proceed with negotiations on basis [bases?] agreement. However, I am sure that you will bear in mind that factors outlined second paragraph Embassy’s telegram 4840 together with Churchill’s upredictability, might create complications, and delay. In long run, however, I think Eden would have his way.