No. 68
Editorial Note

Henry Byroade assumed the duties of Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern, South Asian, and African Affairs on April 14, 1952. At the end of April he took a trip to the Middle East to visit the United States Missions in the area, to acquaint himself with local and regional situations, and to discuss problems with the Chiefs of Mission. His visits to each post were short, and he emphasized the preliminary and introductory character of his trip at each stop. A copy of the original itinerary listed April 29 as Byroade’s departure date from New York and had him scheduled to return to Washington on June 7 after spending 2 days, June 4 and 5, in London. A memorandum of conversation in Department of State files, however, contains an account of a meeting in the British Foreign Office on June 9 in which Byroade met with a number of officers of the Foreign Office in a general discussion of the impressions he had formed on his trip. (Memorandum of conversation, June 9, 1952; 611.41/6–952) Additional documentation on Byroade’s trip is in Department of State file 110.15 BY.