682.90D/2–1352: Telegram

No. 63
The Ambassador in Turkey (McGhee) to the Department of State1


756. Memo of conversation Feb 8 between Ambassador and Turkish Prime Minister and Foreign Minister being air pouched Dept as desp 437 Feb 12.2 In view early visit Pakistani Foreign Minister to Turkey, Dept may be interested fol exchange of views on Pakistan which took place during conversation:

Prime Minister and Foreign Minister stated Turkish Govt attached great significance relations with Pakistan. They hope to discuss Kashmir question and Pushtoonistan issue3 with Pakistani Foreign Minister during his visit here next week to see what may be done of constructive nature. Ambassador pointed out that because of its close friendship with Afghanistan and Pakistan, [Page 193] Turkey in unique position assist solution Pushtoonistani issue. It was agreed Ambassador wld discuss these issues further with FonOff before arrival Pakistani Foreign Minister.

Ambassador expressed hope Pakistan wld ultimately adhere MEC, recalling indications he had recd from late Prime Minister and other Pakistani officials that they wld be actively interested once freed from threat of hostilities over Kashmir. Ambassador expressed belief that, while this still serious problem, it did not appear incapable of solution. We cld look forward to time when Pakistan wld make real contribution MEC bearing in mind had by far greatest military potential any country east of Turkey.

Ambassador observed that, in view close Pakistani-Iranian ties, Pakistan might be willing assist in defense Iran which appeared unable create any real defense capabilities. Prime Minister and Foreign Minister expressed interest this possibility, commenting if Pakistan and Turkey both exert conservative influence on Iran something may be done improve situation.

  1. Repeated to Karachi, Tehran, and Kabul.
  2. Not printed.
  3. For documentation on these matters, see vol. xi, Part 2, pp. 1365 ff.