780.5/2–552: Telegram

No. 59
The Ambassador in Turkey (McGhee) to the Department of State


710. Brit Amb advised me that London has proposed to Washington and Paris that Turk and Greece be brought into NATO under Carney and that Turk wld be told at same time that they wld be expected make contribution to MEC and that mtg wld be held in London immed after their entry into NATO for purpose moving forward with org of command. FonOff advises him that Dept reaction favorable. I assume Dept will, of course, advise me fully before any final decisions are taken in this matter. We wld in particular wish to know more as soon as Turk can be officially advised that she will be admitted to NATO under Carney. Arnold advised me today of JC’s decision on this question which, I assume, now only awaits final action SG. We wld also like be able prior to agreement by other three powers discuss with Turks question of MEC mtg.

Brit Amb here is almost as concerned as I, as I have expressed in recent telegrams, of tendency London seek agreement with US and even France on MEC matters to be presented to Turks as fait accompli. He is, of course, aware of grave suspicion that exists here with respect to MEC and fact that whole-hearted Turk participation in MEC, which is gen unpopular both in govt and private circles, will require very delicate handling. I strongly urge that there [Page 185]be no US–UK or US–UK–Fr agreement on mtg or any other MEC matter without prior consultation with Turks. I urge that Turks be advised that there wld be no formal MEC discussions until after their entry into NATO and that four powers will then consult as equals as to next steps to be taken. I hope that Dept will in future keep us better advised with respect to MEC developments. To date I have recd nothing to indicate progress of US–UK or SG discussions and am embarrassed by fact that I have recd no reply to Embtel 671, Jan 26,1 making it impossible discuss MEC with FonMin as agreed. I hope that GTI will follow MEC developments with same interest as NE. MEC cannot be successfully developed on basis private deals between US and Brit. We can only assure Turk coop if they are in fact, as well as in name treated as equal partner in development of MEC concept and org.

  1. Not printed; it requested the Department of State’s latest thinking on the Middle East Command, including any matters discussed with the British which had not been relayed to the Turks, in preparation for talks with the Turkish Foreign Minister the following week on the Command. (780.5/1–2652)