Conference files, lot 59 D 95, CF 156: Telegram

No. 49
The Secretary of State to the Department of State 1


802. From the Secretary No. 10.

Understand detailed cable report of our conversations in Pakistan has been sent Department. Would like to supplement this by reporting genuine feeling of friendship encountered in Pakistan which exceeded to a marked degree that encountered in any country previously visited on this trip. Was impressed with appearance and spirit of what we saw of armed forces and their leaders. Have feeling Pakistan is one country that has moral courage to do its part in resisting communism.

Believe Pakistanis willing to meet Nehru half way in finding solutions to India–Pakistan problems. The solution of these problems is very important to the alleviation of Pakistan’s critical economical and financial situation. Am not optimistic, however, that forthcoming meetings between Nehru and Mohammed Ali will result in such a solution. Believe we must find ways of maintaining steady pressure on Nehru for move by him on question of Kashmir.

Believe Pakistan would be cooperative member of any defense scheme that may emerge in Middle East and that we need not await formal defense arrangements as condition to some military assistance to Pakistan.

Need for wheat is unquestionably urgent and US action is required in US interest.

  1. Transmitted through the Consulate General at Istanbul.