262.84A41/3–552: Telegram

No. 410
The Minister in Lebanon (Minor) to the Department of State1


903. FonMin Takla called me yesterday to transmit to me officially Leb attitude regarding German reparations for Israel. He said he was making similar verbal démarches to Brit and French Mins here. In reply my question whether this would be followed up by written document, he said no such document yet prepared but might be. He stressed, however, that this was a strong and formal démarche.

Takla said Leb Govt understands Brit, French, Amer Governments are associating themselves with Israel demand for German reparations. Leb Govt wishes call attention, he said to fact that Jews in Israel have committed same offenses against Arabs that Germans committed against Jews. Govt Israel has not taken steps recognize this fact or make reparations. FonMin then requested that US Govt recognize relationship between these two problems and freeze any German reparations obtained for Israel until steps are taken by Israel to meet its obligation to Arabs.

I replied to FonMin that I would bring views Leb Govt to attention Department.

  1. Repeated to London, Paris, and Tel Aviv.