684A.85/2–452: Telegram

No. 396
The Minister in Jordan (Drew) to the Department of State1


219. Re Deptel 216, Jan 31, 7 p.m. I informed Prime Min Tawfiq Pasha Abul Huda Feb 2 of purport our conversations with Israelis Washington and Tel Aviv. He was sincerely appreciative and expressed opinion our firm line has already brought about more moderate attitude of Ramati on MAC reflected in agreement on infiltrators reported Jerusalem ConGen cable 102, Jan 28. He made [Page 891] strong appeal for me to urge Dept inform press of our action arguing it would: (a) Help prevent resumption former brutal treatment infiltrators, pointing out Israelis only respect force or fear adverse publicity; (b) help convince Arabs we really are impartial and willing castigate Israelis when they in wrong; (c) breathe life into tripartite declaration May 25, 1950; (d) strengthen hand of moderate civilian element in Israeli Govt vis-á-vis more ruthless military faction now dictating frontier policy; (e) counter growing communist line Jordan that we are invariably soft with Israel.

I am impressed by cogency these and other arguments advanced by Prime Min to support his appeal and while fully cognizant delicacy situation believe that suitable publicity in Wash wld be beneficial to all concerned.

  1. Repeated to Tel Aviv, Damascus, Beirut, Jerusalem, Baghdad, Jidda, and Cairo.