683.84A/1–2252: Telegram

No. 388
The Minister in Syria (Cannon) to the Department of State1


436. Major Jaddid told Clark last night he had participated in mtg between Shishikli and Farid Zeineddine during afternoon at which Syria’s position at UN on major issues such as MEC discussed. He said Shishikli was determined coop fully with West if arms aid available and that next move up to US.

He said Syria had agreed return to Israel Jan 22 five Israeli prisoners held here (Deptel 276, Jan 14)2 in return Israel promise release Syrian ship held Haifa and transfer to Syrian territory of 120 Arabs at Shaab whose families had requested Syrian action reunite them. He said he had agreed release five Israeli prisoners at Col Taxis request since had great confidence in Taxis fairness.

Clark expressed strong approval Jaddid’s cooperative attitude towards TSO and urged early MAC mtgs. Jaddid replied he also wanted MAC mtgs held and he had told Taxis if Israel wld discuss certain urgent zones problems Syria wld participate at once. He had hopes early mtg wld be held.

He said Syria did not intend raise question drainage project Security Council for time being. He agreed this was question which cld be most usefully pursued in MAC adding “if only Israel wld agree.”

We hope no hitch will develop in exchange of prisoners and will report if exchange effected. We have no reason disbelieve Jaddid’s appraisal Shishikli’s attitude.

  1. Repeated to Paris, London, Tel Aviv, Amman, Baghdad, Beirut, Cairo, Jidda, Jerusalem, Tripoli, Ankara, and Moscow.
  2. Same as telegram 490 to Tel Aviv, Document 382.