No. 271
Editorial Note

Negotiations between Aramco and the Saudi Arabian Government, adjourned in Riyadh on May 15, were resumed in Jidda from [Page 619] November 22 to November 29. At the request of the Saudi Arabian Minister of Finance, the November talks were purely exploratory in character and centered around the question of pricing. No Saudi Arabian officials attended, Saudi Arabia being represented by Lewis W. McNaughton, a member of the Texas firm of DeGolyer and McNaughton, engaged the previous spring as petroleum consultant to the government. (Despatch 157 from Jidda, December 6; 886A.2553/12–652) After a short suspension, during which the Aramco group returned to Dhahran to consult with the President and Chairman of the Board, negotiations were reconvened in Riyadh from December 4 to December 10. At the December meeting, the Aramco Delegation was headed by the Chairman of the Board of Aramco. The Saudi Arabian Delegation was headed by Prince Sultan, Emir of Riyadh; and included the Minister of Finance, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and McNaughton. No decision was reached on the price of oil at the December meeting, and the two sides decided to adjourn until March 7, 1953. (Despatch 172 from Jidda, December 16; 886A.2553/12–1652)