No. 244
Editorial Note

A conference on boundary problems between Saudi Arabia and the British, speaking for Qatar and Abu Dhabi, began at Damman, Saudi Arabia, on January 28, 1952. Prince Faisal, Minister of Foreign Affairs, headed the Saudi Arabian Delegation. The British Delegation was headed by Sir Rupert Hay, British Political Resident in the Persian Gulf, and included Shaikh Ali ibn Abdullah al-thani of Qatar and Shaikh Shakhbut ibn Sultan of Abu Dhabi. The discussions were confined to the land boundaries between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and the western land boundaries of Abu Dhabi. The boundaries of Buraimi and Oman were not discussed at the Damman Conference. Despatch 74 from Dhahran, February 20, 1952, transmitted a summary of the early negotiations to the Department of State. (780.022/2–2052) Additional documentation on this topic is in Department of State file 780.022.