780.5/9–3054: Telegram

No. 230
The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Turkey1


430. Embtel 368.2 Department continues support Northern Tier concept looking toward arrangements between Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan preferably within framework Turk–Pakistan Pact as most realistic basis for development Middle East defense. Although complex political problems in Arab world virtually eliminate possibility [Page 550] substantial early progress we have no desire discourage efforts enlarge capabilities ALCSP to contribute to area defense. We believe Turk–Pakistan Pact and ALCSP should be regarded as complementary rather than mutually exclusive arrangements. We also aware elaboration ALCSP as basis Middle East defense organization presents certain attractions to UK which is faced with problem rationalizing Anglo-Iraqi relations at expiration present treaty.

Since US not prepared abandon or diminish support Northern Tier concept which represents best hope for realization real military collaboration and certain amount military strength we would be keenly disappointed if Iraq were defer steps looking toward close and effective military planning and collaboration with Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan. For this reason we are pleased at Nuri’s reported intention approach Turkey Pakistan and possibly Iran. (London 17243 Dept rptd Ankara 32 Baghdad 12 Unnumbered Cairo Karachi Damascus Tehran).

Foregoing views may be communicated Turks accordance Prime Minister’s request. On appropriate occasion we will make our position clear in direct conversation with Iraqis, however we would prefer these views not be attributed to US during Turk conversations with Nuri.

  1. Drafted by Anschuetz and cleared by NE, GTI, BNA, and Defense–OMA in substance. Repeated to London, Tehran, Cairo, Damascus, Jidda, Beirut, Baghdad, and Karachi.
  2. Not printed; it reported Nuri Said was arriving in Istanbul on Oct. 9 or 10. The Turkish Prime Minister said he intended to explore the possibility of Iraq associating itself with Turkey and Pakistan and would welcome an indication of the U.S. position on the general subject. (780.5/9–3054)
  3. Dated Oct. 5, not printed. It reported Nuri Said, in conversations with Foreign Office officials, told them he intended to approach Turkey, Pakistan, and Syria in hope of concluding a pact with at least one of them providing for their general staffs to work out arrangements similar to NATO or the Balkan Pact. These arrangements could be joined by other states, including the United States, United Kingdom, or other Arab States. Iran was not specifically mentioned, but the Foreign Office believed he had it in mind also. An officer of the British Foreign Office informed the Embassy the United Kingdom had become more favorable to the northern tier idea since it was apparent that it would be impossible for any regional defense organization to develop out of the Arab League without Egyptian participation. (780.5/10–554)