780.5/9–854: Telegram

No. 228
The Ambassador in Egypt (Caffery) to the Department of State1


312. Iraqian Ambassador said this morning he had seen Nasir, Gamal Salim and Salah Salim yesterday on Nuri’s instructions (Baghdad’s 143 to Department).2 He said Nasir had taken position [Page 548] it was premature to approach US and UK before Egypt and Iraq had reached full agreement between themselves and had consulted other Arab states on plans for revision ALCSP.

He said Salah Salim had pointed out that Iraq desires early action to strengthen its Northern defenses and that Sarsank proposals would have advantage (a) of providing substitute for present Anglo-Iraqian treaty and (b) avoiding involvement in Turkey–Pakistan pact.

Ambassador said Nasir twice told Salah Salim he had been informed by “reliable American source” that US had given up idea of Arab adherence to Turkey–Pakistan pact. After some inconclusive discussion, Nasir said Egyptians would have to discuss matter further among themselves and would get in touch with Iraqian Ambassador again soon.

We of course, assured Ambassador that Nasir had not had his information from us and made it clear there has been no change in US thinking re Turkey–Pakistan pact.

Egyptian source close to Nasir confirms substance of Al Rawi’s account. Source states however that Salah Salim walked in on meeting unexpectedly with result that full extent his commitments at Sarsank finally revealed to Nasir, who terminated meeting in order permit GOE get its lines straight.

  1. Repeated to Baghdad, London, Amman, Beirut, Damascus, Jidda, Ankara, and Karachi.
  2. Not printed; it reported Nuri Said had commented he had no definite knowledge of disagreement between the Egyptians and himself concerning the Iraqi-Egyptian regional security plans, but had asked the Iraqi Ambassador in Cairo to see the Egyptians and review the situation. (780.5/9–754)