Conference files, lot 59 D 95, CF 156: Telegram

No. 21
The Ambassador in Jordan (Green) to the Department of State 1


973. Secretary and party entered Jordan-held Jerusalem 2 p.m. May 14 and departed Amman airport 12 noon May 15.

Drive from Jerusalem to Amman gave Secretary and party opportunity to see something of country, including refugee camps.

Secretary and Mr. Stassen saw and talked with King, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and practically all leading officials of country both at small dinner and reception given by Ambassador May 14 and during calls paid following day.

Secretary received small group representative refugees May 15 who expressed their views orally and left memoranda with Secretary. In conversation of Secretary and Mr. Stassen with Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, both these officials indicated that UN resolutions, more particularly 1947 resolution, must be starting point for peace discussions with Israel. They were not adamant that UN resolutions be implemented before any negotiations could begin which was line taken with me by Foreign Minister in conversation May 13 (Embtel 962).2 It was apparent that some not much but some softenings in their attitude had taken place subsequent my earlier conversation.

In all conversations Jordan officials emphasized plight of refugees and importance of carrying out Yarmuk projects.

Local press reaction adverse but Secretary greeted with some applause, both in Jericho and Amman while travelling by automobile. This manifestation unusual and indicative of hope placed in visit of Secretary to Jordan.

Security measures for trip Jerusalem-Amman involving use of some 10 armored cars and 1500 troops carried out without hitch. Adequate protective measures for Secretary and party were taken throughout visit.

  1. Repeated for information to Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jidda, Beirut, and Tripoli.
  2. Not printed.