No. 19
Editorial Note

On the morning of May 15, three other meetings were held between members of the Secretary of State’s party and officials of the Government of Jordan. At 10 a.m., MacArthur, Byroade, and Lynch called on the Minister of Finance, Suleiman Sukkar, for a discussion of economic and political problems. At 10:05 Stassen, Mattison, and Welling met with the Minister of Economy and Reconstruction, H. E. Anwar Khatib, his Under Secretary, and two other members of his office staff. They discussed Jordan’s need for economic and technical aid, and left before 10:30 so that Stassen could join Dulles in a meeting with refugee leaders. At 10:30 MacArthur, Byroade, and Lynch met with the Minister of Education, Ahmad Tuqan. Tuqan had spent eight months as the senior Jordanian representative on the Mixed Armistice Commision, and gave the Americans his views on the Jordanian-Israeli border situation. [Page 51] Memoranda of these conversations are in the Conference files, lot 59 D 95, CF 156.