67. Memorandum From the Deputy Director for Plans, Central Intelligence Agency (Wisner) to Director of Central Intelligence Dulles1


  • Program for PBSUCCESS
Following our briefing and conversation of this afternoon, I have read over the attached program which has been prepared by [name not declassified] and the others working on this project,2 and I recommend that you approve it for planning purposes and for the further purpose of authorizing Stage One at this time.
Actually the plan is stated in such broad terms that it is not possible to know exactly what it contemplates, particularly in the latter phases. However, I do not regard this as a particular drawback since a vastly-detailed plan prepared at this time would have to be modified in any case. Moreover, the approach specified in this paper calls for the preparation of a detailed operational plan for top level approval at the conclusion of Stage One (the assessment phase).
Regarding the “ultimatum” specified under Stage Five, it was understood in our discussion that this was not agreed to and would be given further consideration.
The proposed T/O does not seem to me to be excessive, given the importance of this project and the degree of priority attached to it. It is my understanding that this T/O does not take into account the Headquarters personnel who will continue to be used to backstop the operation from Washington. It may even develop that some additional personnel will be required as events develop. (For example, I see no provision for the necessary communications personnel and radio technicians, who I am sure will be needed.)
I recommend also the concept of assigning to the operational field chief [name not declassified] the central operational responsibility and I further recommend the command channel outlined in Paragraph D on Page 4.
Frank G. Wisner3
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 83-00739R, Box 5, Folder 8. Top Secret.
  2. Not attached. According to a typed notation at the bottom of the page, the enclosure was the November 12 draft memorandum for the record, Document 65.
  3. Printed from a copy that indicates Wisner signed the original.