43. Letter From Colonel Castillo Armas to the Central Intelligence Agency 1

Translation of a letter received from RUFUS, 25 August 1953

[initials not declassified] will leave Tegucigalpa on Monday, 31 August. He will be in Washington about 15 September. Yesterday he returned from a visit with our friends in El Salvador.
I have complete confidence in Somoza and in our plan to put a base there. The reasons for my confidence are:
Somoza has shown himself very enthusiastic and desirous of co-operating with us. For example he sent at his own expense ($4000.00) one of his pilots to the U.S.A. to inspect planes for us.
He has promised us one of his big bombers (B-24) completely equipped. I offered to pay for it. He said no we could have it for nothing.
Somoza has placed at our disposal his military base at Puerto Cabezas.
At the proper moment Somoza is prepared to bring about any necessary agreement for joint action between Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. This he has assured me.
He knows moreover that he cannot deceive you and your friends.
Lastly, it serves his own interest to help us because he realizes that the threat to Nicaragua is greater than ever before. This he told me personally the last time I saw him.
Yesterday WT gave me $10,000.00. I need another $10,000 immediately if I am to meet heavy commitments coming up at the end of the month. I am very sorry to have to raise this subject again but, I beg you to please send me some money as soon as possible.
A friend in Panama has offered to sell me an LCI 2 properly equipped for the operation we have in mind. He asks $10,000.00. This ship is more suitable that the Bali Hai as the Bali Hai has been modified for commercial use. (Note: the Bali Hai has not yet been bought by RUFUS.)
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79–01025A, Box 73, Folder 3. No classification marking.
  2. The Central Intelligence Agency had already determined that this ship was inappropriate for the operation; see Document 41.