237. Telegram From the United States Information Agency to Certain Posts1

392. Infoguide: Developments Guatemala Situation

Fast developing events on Guatemalan problem provide opportunity seize psychological offensive which urgent in view Commie massive propaganda [Page 385]campaign this issue world-wide. Posts urged promote fullest exploitation OAS actions reflecting insistence action within OAS Charter and Rio Treaty to settle Western Hemisphere disputes, in accordance Art 52 of UN Charter which specifically recognizes authority regional organizations. Show this action as countering recent Russian tactics designed to weaken both OAS and UN and maintain Commie foothold in Western Hemisphere. Appeal by Guatemala to UNSC members and Molotov’s reply of June 25 can be used as further evidence role of Arbenz Govt which is pawn in Moscow’s game. OAS letter, released to press today, is signed by ten members of OAS and expresses recognition of problem of Commie penetration for what it is, and announces intent to call hurried meeting of the OAS to settle once and for all, not only immediate problem of “threat to peace” but also more basic Commie problem alluded to. This letter should be heavily played as indication member States of OAS are in exactly same frame of mind as US Senate in its Resolution of June 25 ref to Caracas Declaration Solidarity and Reaffirming US support for action by OAS. Interpretation should be that Soviet has failed in attempt to pin rebellion of Guatemalans on US as act of aggression, and conduct of U.S. Govt in negotiations with Guatemala on expropriation UNIFRUIT properties may be reviewed in low key to show U.S. actions as proper and limited to aspect of compensation perfectly appropriate for Govt negotiation under international law, with emphasis on fact that Soviet veto on proposed constructive action by OAS not only revealed mailed fist under glove manipulating Guatemalan affairs, but also rallied peoples of Western Hemisphere to repulse most sinister imperialism and most overt intervention in Western Hemisphere in recorded history.

Refer to USIA CA–852 of June 21, 1954, and Joint Circtel 507 of June 25 (not sent all posts).2 Wireless File continues carry suitable materials with built–in guidance and some background materials will be repeated for areas other than Latam.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79–01025A, Box 8, Folder 5. Secret. Drafted by E. Murphy (IOP/A); cleared by Allen Haden (IOP), Charles Hurtado (IPS), and Philip Raine (ARA/P); and approved by R. Hinton (IOP/A). Sent to London, Rome, Paris, Bonn, Vienna, Cairo, New Delhi, Manila, Tokyo, Oslo, Rangoon, Stockholm, Madrid, and all missions in the American Republics.
  2. Neither printed; circular airgram 852 is ibid., Box 72, Folder 8; circular telegram 507 was not found.