231. Telegram From Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida to the Central Intelligence Agency1

4275. 1. Apart from claim U.S. hostility against Arbenz regime mainly caused UFCO (see para 1, a LINC 4176 IN 20869)2 Commie argument that “invaders” and “Yankee imperialists” anxious to wipe out agrarian reform appears to be most dangerous not only for Guat consumption, but for effect wherever in world agrarian reform questions vitally important, including Latin America, Asia, Africa, even certain European countries (Italy). Black treatment agrarian question by SHERWOOD reported HULA 983.3

2. Recommend therefore you suggest to State Dept immediate countermeasures, starting with solemn U.S. Govt statement (perhaps [Page 378]joint declaration Sec State, Sec Agriculture) endorsing principles agrarian reform movements everywhere, in line with U.S. farm policy, traditional desire to see underdeveloped countries becoming self–supporting.

3. Such policy statement to be followed quickly by State Dept release summarizing past, current U.S. support granted agrarian reforms many foreign countries, including Marshall Plan, Point Four Program, FAO, training foreign farm specialists in U.S., etc.

4. Simultaneously U.S. delegate U.N. Security Council, or other well placed govt spokesman, possibly with reference to documents suggested paras 2 and 3 above, but without delay, to present criticism of Arbenz reforms, drawing parallel to Chinese “agrarian reformers”, emphasizing reform itself internal affair Guat people, we exclusively concerned with safeguarding Western Hemisphere against Communist conspiracy.

5. Criticism of Guat reforms considered essential to alienate liberal sympathies for Arbenz reform regime abroad, experts should be able furnish supporting facts. Off hand suggestions (true, not black):

Campaign against illiteracy bogged down since “cultural missions” sent countryside made Commie propaganda instead,
Penniless recipients of land must become indebted govt-controlled agrarian bank to buy farm implements, have to join Commie organizations (CNCG) to become eligible,
Roadbuilding essential to utilize land: building program slow since govt spends money propaganda, armaments (Atlantic highway workers recently eight weeks without pay, had to strike to be paid).

6. State Dept might consider above recommendations, consulting area experts countries enumerated para 1 above, for more precise evaluation impact Guat agrarian reform story there and appropriate adjustment U.S. counteraction.

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