224. Telegram From the Central Intelligence Agency to CIA Stations in [3 places not declassified]1

06043. RE: PULL 8203.2

Following is KUGOWN line as per ref request:
Guillermo Toriello, Guat Forn Min, has lied repeatedly in claims of aerial bombardment of Guat. It is positively established that no bombs have fallen upon Guatemala City nor have any bombs fallen elsewhere in Guat according to all our info through 21 June. Hence in his announcements 18–19 June he has made up story out of whole cloth and in addition Guat Government has in clumsy fashion tried to fabricate evidence and has been caught setting fire to houses.
Toriello also lied about invasion. Guat struggle no invasion. Liberation forces are made up of small group Guat patriots who have resisted communism and who organized themselves and have entered the nation to participate in and aid nation–wide revolt against Soviet foreign aggression personified by Commie take over in Guat. Official Guat Radio (TGW) itself stated, 19 June, “We call foreigners those who up to yesterday called themselves Guats.” Radio, “Voice of Liberation” stated, “We are ones who carry true banner national sovereignty. As on 15 September 1821, we freed ourselves from Spanish throne, today we consummating independence—freedom from hammer and sickle.”
Guat Govt continues reign terror as indicated DIR 05067 (OUT 54341)3 para 1 and Carlos Montenegro Paniagua stated 3 June that Guat “needs no concentration camps since we (Commie farmers group—Confederacion Nacional Campesinos de Guat) will chop off heads all anti-Commies” when trouble arises. Arbenz when challenged about his statement declined repudiate and has thus adopted as own. Farmers and Indians continue be armed by Commie govt and being incited acts of terror throughout Guat countryside.
Guat wanted hearing in U.N. due Soviet support and opportunity get out prop to peoples not familiar with Guat situation. Cite USSR recent support Guat.
Is suggested that attribution above can be based on wire service stories or “overheard on shortwave.”
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79–01025A, Box 9, Folder 3. Secret; Routine; RYBAT; JMSWAG. Drafted by [name not declassified] and cleared by Wisner. Repeated to PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida.
  2. Dated June 21. (Ibid., Box 16, Folder 24)
  3. Dated June 16. (Ibid., Box 9, Folder 2)