117. Telegram From Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida, to the CIA Station in [place not declassified]1

SLINC 1229. 1. Although recognize difficulty your taking effective counteraction nevertheless ERRATIC must demonstrate soon real qualities of being able work in harness or else.

2. SYNCARP sources inside WSBURNT reporting ERRATIC spreading word he and Calligeris now in close accord inferring latter is his junior and takes orders from him.

3. This could be very injurious all around and cannot be tolerated. Obviously PBSUCCESS is and will build up Calligeris thus para 1 above becomes mandatory.

4. Appears ERRATIC has swung form mudslinging to subordinating Calligeris. Use theme of all anti-Commies working together and cut out the personal buildup as above as many would-be followers would rebel against ERRATIC.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79-01025A, Box 142, Folder 3. Routine; RYBAT; PBSUCCESS. Repeated to the Director of Central Intelligence.