110. Telegram From Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida to the Central Intelligence Agency1

SLINC 828. LINCOLN SitRep Week 22 Feb-1 March 54, for Coordination Mtg.

1. Enemy:

While KUFIRE reporting from WSBURNT continues unsatisfactory, sufficient overt and semi-overt manifestations of govt and Commie intent have accumulated to justify assumption that WSBURNT moving into status of denied area. Such indications include:

Steadily mounting propaganda, including signature campaigns, against “intervention,” a familiar pretext for internal repression and militancy.
Organization of local committees for defense of regime, coupled with proposal that large-scale military TNG be instituted.
Continuing expropriation landowners and demagogic stirring-up of squatters against current land system.
CGTG letter to AGIG (Assn of Industrialists) tacitly accusing industrialists of failure to push development of country and requesting reduction of electric and rail rates. This significant initial assault on free enterprise and preview of state-run, Communist-type industrialization.
Mounting threats to free press, including jamming anti-Red programs, arrest of anti-Red broadcaster Oscar Conde, etc.
Concurrent intensive deception and provocation campaign, with deception theme that Arbenz about to break with Reds and with frequent provocation rumors of imminent revolt, designed to flush out opposition.

Pace of above developments, if continued unabated, opens possibility of tacit conversion WSBURNT to denied area status by late summer or early fall 1954.

2. Friendly:

Due to internal and external obstacles, it has hitherto been impossible set approximate D-day based on reasonable assurances. Progress of events now indicates necessity, despite many imponderables still remaining and still to come, of fixing tentative date.
After thorough review of all aspects of the program, LINC believes best estimate of earliest possible D-day to be in first two weeks of June. Final date to be determined with HQs approval. This estimate based on considerations in following paras.
KUFIRE: Systematic exploitation SYNCARP KUFIRE assets and development independent assets, if vigorously pursued, can be accomplished next 90 days.
KUGOWN: Flow of guidance and materials to controlled assets is presently increasing and will continue. Proposed hemisphere-wide anti-Red conf scheduled for 15 Apr and exile labor mtg May 1 (being developed by Nebecker) should provide outside KUGOWN impetus. Key to KUGOWN effort inside WSBURNT is SHERWOOD siting and initiation of programs. These must go into effect not later than 1 April to provide 60-day KUGOWN buildup.
Firming up SYNCARP/SKIMMER relationship to insure reliability of Calligeris. Ontrich will undertake this week.
Based on Ontrich preparations, Cadick is to examine staging sites, staging preparation, transport facilities, etc., to insure Calligeris capability implement logistics plans. Cadick trip to be completed approx 10 March.
SCRANTON trainees will graduate approx 25 May, according present plans.
Twenty-seven sabotage trainees will graduate 15 March. Leader trainees will graduate SARANAC approx 1 May allowing thirty days implement organization inside target area.
Above proposed scheduling necessitates following immediate actions:
  • First: Immediate implementation SHERWOOD on Santa Fe, to be in operation 1 April at latest. Santa Fe is only solution, since negotiations with [name not declassified] now appear postponed, [name not declassified] consent on basis experience is doubtful and KMFLUSH site does not fully assure permanence. Full effort must be made minimize security drawbacks Santa Fe site to provide vital KUGOWN facility.
  • Second: Expedite and fulfill objective ensuring [name not declassified] complete support as contemplated.
  • Third: Postpone all black flights two weeks.

3. Significant Operational Details:

A. General: Separate program underway to locate, develop and expand operational assets completely independent known SYNCARP assets for purposes seeking objectivity in KUFIRE reporting and acquiring outside support for PBSUCCESS. Foregoing need highlighted due recent evidence Calligeris freewheeling and still unresolved security of SYNCARP. [name not declassified] fully cognizant and attempting bring Calligeris into line.

[Omitted here are 2 pages of specific operational details.]

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79-01025A, Box 144, Folder 002. Routine; Immediate Action; RYBAT; PBSUCCESS.