795.00/1–351: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Netherlands ( Chapin ) to the Secretary of State


968. As we have received no information re reports from Netherlands Chargé Peking for nearly a month, I asked Boon1 today if there were any later developments of which he could tell me. He said only information which had come out of their Chargé in Peking and had duly been passed on through their Embassy in Washington to the Department was that, in his opinion, Chinese Communist Government was taking stronger and more intransigent line with regard “liberating” all Korea as has been shown by recent Chinese offensive.

On other hand, Boon said he could assure me all sections Netherlands official opinion which had been seriously divided in their doubts as to US policy in Korea were now tending unite in entire backing our policy of standing firm Korea although avoiding unnecessary irritation to Chinese. This, he said, was quite new development and one which he very glad pass on to me.2

  1. H. N. Boon, Secretary-General of the Netherlands Foreign Ministry.
  2. A manuscript note on the source text indicated that this telegram was called to the attention of Assistant Secretary Rusk and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs Livingston T. Merchant on January 4 by the Office of Chinese Affairs.