693.95/1–551: Telegram

The Chargé in the Republic of China ( Rankin ) to the Secretary of State

top secret

887. Contents Depcirtel 334, January 3, discussed Foreign Minister1 whose initial reactions as follows:

Chinese Government naturally favors strongest practicable stand against Chinese Communists and will go along with US in this sense.
Foreign Minister agrees events have overtaken Six Power Resolution and considers highly important to UNO prestige and US leadership that events not be allowed overtake next move decided on.
Chinese Government would support either adoption Six Power Resolution suitably amended, or new GA resolution branding Chinese Communists as aggressors and calling for collective action, whichever seems likely prove more appropriate.
Foreign Minister feels questions of breaking diplomatic relations with Peking and imposing embargoes, et cetera, depend almost entirely on position taken by UK, although effective control of exports and reexports from all North and South American sources would also be important factor.

Foreign Minister will discuss these matters with his colleagues in government and let me have any further significant ideas that may develop.

  1. George Yen.