320/1–551: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Mission at the United Nations 1


621. Dept believes US rep shld take fol attitude toward 5 principles set forth Delga 485.2

Although we might not have written principles ourselves in way they are written, particularly para 3, we believe this is question primarily for Entezam group.

US believes UN shld face facts of Kor situation squarely at this time but will not stand in way of any further effort that Entezam group or other dels think desirable to make with Peiping regime. Nor will we attempt to dictate manner in which such approach shld be made.

We do think it important, however, that UN live up to its responsibilities under Charter and that it must act promptly. If this intermediate step is to be made before UN takes whatever action is necessary to stand firm against intervention of Chi Commies, this step shld be gotten underway at once so that UN can find out whether or not this approach will succeed or be as fruitless as the previous efforts of Entezam group.

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As matter of tactics US rep might make these points both in private conversations and in Comite I and might suggest in Comite that Entezam group transmit these principles to Peiping without further action by GA as such step comes within authority of Entezam group under res of Dec 15 [14].

By adopting this attitude of acquiescing in every effort that Asian or other dels may wish make in order satisfy themselves that all possibilities for settlement have been exhausted, Dept hopes to be able to carry along those dels at later stage. Dept feels strongly that US must not by insisting on different language than that contained in present text 5 principles lay itself open to charge that it prevented effort from being successful.

  1. Repeated to the Embassies in Cairo as 618, New Delhi as 1032, Ankara as 335, Athens as 2114, and Karachi as 364.
  2. Dated January 4, p. 18.