320/1–3151: Telegram

The Ambassador in India (Henderson) to the Secretary of State

secret   priority

1888. 1. Bajpai told me today GOI had received no message from Peiping stating latter would not discuss cease-fire in case resolution should pass GA condemning Communist China as aggressor. Message had been received, however, January 28 from Chou-En-lai in reply Nehru’s appeal to him follow policy of peace in Asia and to issue statement of China’s pacific intentions. Chou-En-lai had replied that as long as resolution was pending in UN condemning his Government as aggressor he could not issue such statement since it might look as though Peiping weakening in face charges made against it.

2. While Bajpai and I were talking, message came to him of vote last evening in Political Committee on US resolution. Bajpai showed me figures without comment. He apparently prepared for vote favoring resolution, but not for such overwhelming vote. I said I was sure that when GA matter Peiping’s guilt could be clarified decks would be cleared for further action in direction cease-fire on basis which would not weaken UN. I sincerely hoped passage this resolution would not terminate India’s efforts in direction of peace. India was in better position than almost any country to exert ameliorating influence on Communist China. I knew there would be certain amount of pique in [Page 150] Indian press at outcome vote. I sincerely hoped, however, Indian leaders would not allow fact their advice not being taken to prevent them from helping rest of free world in attaining common objective. Bajpai said he could assure me so far as he concerned he would continue his efforts. He convinced that GOI would also carry on despite defeat for its policies which vote meant.

3. Few minutes later Bajpai stated B. N. Rau had asked that special official be sent Lake Success to assist in discussions Kashmir1 since Rau’s time taken up largely with Far East matters. Bajpai said now that Political Committee had cast its vote and since plenary session would probably follow advice Political Committee he thought B. N. Rau would be freed from Far East work and could devote time to Kashmir. I stated I hoped his remark did not indicate India did not plan continue play role in Far East situation. It seemed to me passage US resolution would mean much more work for GA re Far East than in past. B. N. Rau’s assistance in this work could be extremely valuable. Bajpai said he was sure India had no intention withdrawing from UN activity re Far East but now that great debate finished Rau should have more time at his disposal.

  1. For documentation on Kashmir, see vol. vi, Part 2, pp. 1699 ff.