795.00/1–451: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Netherlands (Chapin) to the Secretary of State

top secret

973. I delivered substance Department’s circular 334, January 4 [3] [Page 14] to Boon this afternoon, leaving aide-mémoire1 in absence Stikker.2 In ensuing discussion he stated that views expressed were in general shared by Netherlands Government and commented specifically on paragraphs as follows:

1 and 2. Introductory, no comment.

3. Boon stated delighted at attitude expressed, which he stated followed line taken recent Dulles speech.3

With regard 4 and 6 Boon observed it was Netherlands’ view that unanimity all-important and it therefore best to have at least at outset more limited program upon which complete unanimity to achieve rather than far-reaching one which might give rise serious division opinion within Western world. It would of course be important if some Eastern states could be won over to unanimous action.

5. Netherlands in full accord towards denying China access to supplies and material assets, however indirect. Boon remarked it true that China probably not critically dependent upon imports but nevertheless oil and rubber most important and if forced obtain them from Russia process would be slow and difficult. On other hand Boon stated it almost impossible stop leaks from other Asian countries, stating specifically that Indonesia was one country from which supplies would probably continue flow because of large smuggling trade and great coast line, even if it possible obtain cooperation Indonesian Government which extremely doubtful. Boon again expressed pleasure at US desire keep door to negotiations open for peaceful settlement.

8. Netherlands Government in full accord that Peking regime should be declared aggressor and has authorized its delegation Lake Success go along with basic six-power resolution.

9. Netherlands Government glad that no immediate resolution re sanctions contemplated and feels subject should be carefully examined as to its consequences. However, Netherlands prepared join in collective measures for sanctions if such course found feasible and Great Britain and France subscribe to it. Boon observed that Netherlands Government feels sanctions much preferable to extension of direct military forces against China. Boon said Netherlands would go along idea keeping Entezam group available for mediation but suggested this might conflict with idea of keeping UNCURK alive which for prestige reasons he supposed should be done. Netherlands Government would even be prepared break off diplomatic relations with Peking regime, particularly if this result of resolution Collective [Page 15] Measures Committee but Boon pointed out that if limited Western representation Peking abandoned, there no apparent way communicating with that regime except through doubtful channels of other Eastern countries. Netherlands Government sees no particular objection to freezing assets but points out these largely in US where action already done.

10. Netherlands Government strongly in favor proceeding step by step and “cautiously”.

Finally Boon said to me that speaking personally and not as representative Netherlands Government he somewhat surprised that view magnitude present military operations there had not been call from Lake Success for further contingents from UN members other than US. Said he realized it difficult for some states, including Netherlands, provide more troops view European situation but he thought we might wish explore such a call.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Dirk U. Stikker, Netherlands Foreign Minister.
  3. Presumably, the reference is to Mr. Dulles’ address before the American Association for the United Nations in New York on December 29, 1950; for the text, see the Department of State Bulletin, January 15, 1951, p. 85.