No. 319

665.001/10–1051: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy 1


1645. Reports of favorable reaction Depcirtel 278, Sep 24,2 indicate probability by early Dec we shall have achieved agreement among friendly signatories re action reply Ital forthcoming request de facto revision certain provisions Ital Peace Treaty.

Altho proposed procedure calls for individual notes by each signatory to Italy, nevertheless it is desirable demonstrate unity among signatories to strengthen common action. Therefore occurred to us we might arrange special mtg early Dec at most convenient and appropriate place (possibly Paris or Rome) reps friendly signatories. Action re Treaty cld then be formalized by common declaration supported by sending of notes and as much publicity as possible. Jap Treaty Conference example unity we wld like obtain in face Sov opposition.

Dept wld appreciate your personal views re probable reaction FonOff desirability arranging such mtg.3

  1. Drafted by Byington and cleared with Perkins, UNA, L, and EUR; repeated to London and Paris.
  2. Document 308.
  3. In telegram 2148 from Paris, October 12, Ambassador Bruce reported that the French would be reluctant to agree to a meeting of this type since they preferred a more informal procedure and favored unilateral “renunciation” rather than bilateral agreements. (665.001/10–1251) In telegram 1796 from London, October 12, Ambassador Gifford reported that the British Foreign Office would probably object to the suggestion of a special international meeting, although it would welcome some demonstration of common action. (665.001/10–1251)